I Don't Know How To Pose, Can You Help Me?

YES GIRL! I walk you through the entire session and tell you exactly how to pose, where to look, what to do with your hands, point your toes and so much more. I'm also a perfectionist and probably have some OCD so you can expect your hair to be perfect as well as your outfit.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Almost all my KB Babes book in advance and set up a payment plan. I want this to be attainable for every woman while still keeping the luxury service and empowering experience. Booking farther in advance allows for smaller payments. You also save 5% for setting up payments.

When do sessions take place?

The studio is open during the week with sessions typically starting at 10am. Sneak a day off work and enjoy a well deserved day of self care and relaxation. Weekdays work for my makeup artist since weekends are dedicated to weddings. A weekday can also help you hide this from a significant other if that's the case. Then, maybe schedule a date with your girlfriends while you're all dolled up.

How Long Can I Expect My Session To Last?

This is your day girlfriend. We start with hair and makeup which takes about 1.5 hours. You'll have more than enough time to relax, chat and we get some great girl time while sipping on champagne. You'll LOVE Hailey the makeup artist. Once you're all dolled up we'll shoot for an hour. Immediately after your session we'll go through and select all your favorite images!

Do you photograph couples?

No, I don't photograph couples. I work exclusively with women.

What's the reveal?!

You get to see and choose your images on the SAME DAY! WOOHOO! After our session we'll go through and pick all your favorite images. We'll also look at products and pick out the cover options for your album!

When should I book my session?

If you're needing your products by a certain date your session should be scheduled at least 4 weeks before then. Scheduling in advance can also help you prepare mentally, physically, finically and gives you time to find the perfect outfits!

What The Heck Do I Wear?!

Once you book I send over a guide with some great outfit ideas and info on how to prep and plan for your session. But here are a few things I love: Bodysuits are about the sexiest piece of lingerie and are SO flattering on ANY body type. The higher the cut on the hips the better. Cheeky panties are also extremely flattering (versus a thong). I would also suggest bringing at least one outfit that has great bra support which will benefit in the laying down shots. Lastly, I’m huge a fan of bare feet! Don't stress about heel options.

Can I bring a friend?

Of course! A friend or sister is fun to have by your side during your session. The more hype girls, the better!

Do You Offer Retouching?

All of your images will be edited with added skin softening. I can removed scars (if requested) and bruises. Just let me know about specific requests. Don’t stress about the zit you wake up with the day of the shoot. Between good lighting and professional makeup I won’t even see it . If I do, photoshop. TAN LINES are one thing that I cannot edit. So please be mindful in the weeks leading up to your session or get a spray tan. I know a great place.

Will my photos be on the internet?

I only share photos with your face if you allow me to! Otherwise I might use the unidentifiable detail photos I take to use on my instagram.


The time is now...not next year, not when you lose 10lbs, not when you have a fiance to gift it to...right now. Do it for yourself.

I will respond within 24-48 hours. Can't wait to work with you!

Katie Bradshaw - kbdigitaldesigns@gmail.com